Forensic Interviews

Forensic interviews are structured, fact-finding, developmentally appropriate conversations between a child and a trained interviewer. The interviewer follows a national protocol, asking non-leading questions about the child’s experience. Interviews are held strictly on a referral basis, with law enforcement and the Department of Human Resources (DHR) bringing cases to the advocacy center. All interviews are digitally recorded and watched by the necessary law enforcement and DHR personnel for investigative purposes.

Family Advocacy

The family advocate is just that – the advocate for every child, parent, or caregiver who walks through our doors. Family advocacy is a blanket term for a myriad of services, including orientation to the interview process, provision of resources, and emotional and logistical support.

Trauma-Informed Counseling

Owens House provides counseling services to interested parties who have interviewed at our center. We have two specially trained, trauma-informed counselors who deliver developmentally appropriate support to each child on their caseload. Our counselors not only provide traditional talk-therapy, but also play therapy and body safety. Their range of expertise allows them to provide the most appropriate care for each client, no matter their age, stage, or story.

Community Education

Community education serves as an umbrella term for the plethora of educational services we provide to the Shelby County community. These services include: elementary body safety education, professional training, and prevention classes, all with the common goal of ending child abuse.